XI International Rendezvous of the Forums of Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Field "Treatments of the Body in our times and in psychoanalysis"

A few words of Welcome

Between the 29th of June to the 3rd of July, 2022, we shall have a Rendezvous for the re-encounter of the members of our community, this time in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the cradle of tango, the seat of theatre, beef and good wine – an also of psychoanalysis which, despite the times we live in, continues to be very much in force in our country. This is so not only in our consulting rooms, but also in the universities, the hospitals and other institutions of mental health. This is a fresh opportunity to share what in our Forums and then in our School we have been producing since 1998.

The theme chosen at our last Assembly, in Barcelona, Treatments of the body in our times and in psychoanalysis reappears in different spaces of our community: cartels, clinical colleges, seminars – confirming once again the value of launching a theme before the event, so that it circulates, grows, adopts different versions, thus creating for our encounter a confluence of the work produced over the previous two years. We wish that there be a true exchange that keep our bodies expectant, lively, surprised.

The treatments of the body concern psychoanalysis. There is no clinic without the body. We are not born with a body: it is rather that we come to have one by virtue of certain fundamental symbolic operations. The body with which the analyst deals is an effect of language. We receive the symptomatic and drive-made body of the speaking being. Our field is the field of jouissance; and jouissance returns to the body: in the symptom, in the first place, and more particularly in the hysterical symptom; and also in illness and in pain. The subject speaks with his/her body, and history becomes inscribed in bodily symptoms. 

In the last period of his teaching, Lacan defines the symptom as an event of the body, that is to say, the symptom is an event of jouissance, which underlines the real dimension of the body, in addition to its being imaginary and symbolic.

The theme of the treatments of the body opens for us the perspective of thinking of it not only in relation to its presentation in the clinic, in the different clinical types of symptom, in psychosomatic phenomena, in anxiety, but also in relation to the impact that our era has on the bodies: the subject responds, either by rejecting the body in its real dimension, as an enjoying substance proper to anorexias, bulimias and cuttings of the body, or by attempting to make it eternal through cosmetic surgery, tattoos, piercings  and other subjective positions that frequently discard the knowledge of the unconscious. The drive presents itself in a mute form, as a premature triumph of the death drive that often leads to a state of maximal risk and that constitutes a challenge for the analytic treatment of the body.

This will be an opportunity to debate the revolutionary change that is taking place in the relations between men and women, and the presence, nowadays more evident, of different modalities of jouissance and new forms of knotting, of signification of the body in the process of sexuation, first marked by the distinction between gender and sex, and then by an explosion of the forms of gender. The advance, promoted by the capitalist system, of an even more limitless and delocalized jouissance compels us to reflect on the formulas of sexuation.

We wish that the theme call us for a revision and interrogation of concepts, and for the realization of an Encounter immersed in our times, so as to re-think our resources to respond to the current demands and symptoms.

Dear colleagues, we are waiting for you! Welcome!

Florencia Farías, coordinator of the Organizing Committee of the 2022 Rendezvous.


1. Update and critical revision of the clinical categories directly linked with the body and derived from the analytic experience: conversions, somatizations, anxiety, psychosomatic effects, phenomena of the body in the psychoses and autism. Re-reading of these categories from different Lacanian approaches. 

2. Body and sexuation. Image, semblant and signification of the body in the process of sexuation. Questions posed by contemporary categories of sex and gender (trans, etc.) and critical revision of the formulas of sexuation.

3. Critical analysis, in the light of the clinical experience, of the impact of the technologies of the XXI Century on the treatments of the body.

  • Proletarization and virtualization. Current conditions of the encounter and missed encounter of bodies.
  • Disorders of eating (anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia, etc.), drinking, sleeping and other vital functions. 
  • Subjective impact of current medical and paramedical discourses and practices (including the intrusion of the neurosciences), as well as the ideals of the healthy body.
  • Effects on analytic practice.

4. The body in analysis. Hysterization of the analysing discourse and the current clinical types in the analytic process. Transferential responses. The body at the end of analysis and in the pass. The analyst’s body. 

5. The relevance of the preceding points in the clinic with children and adolescents.